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SUTRA - Kirtan Documentary Movie [72 min]
[post-2012 release]
An ancient sound.
A student and her teacher.
The mystical thread binding this life and beyond.

. . . . . . .

For a more extensive list of artists, visit >>

ANN ARBOR KIRTAN: Ongoing kirtan events in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. MP3 samples of their live kirtan are also available online >>
BABAJI BOB KINDLER: With formal spiritual training in Yoga and Vedanta in 1970, Babaji Bob Kindler is the Spiritual Director of the independent SRV associations (formed in 1993), and he has produced over 25 albums of devotional and instrumental music and has authored numerous spiritual books.
BHAGAVAN DAS: A devotee and scholar, Bhagavan Das (of the best-selling spiritual journal by Ram Dass, Be Here Now) has several kirtan and devotional style CD's. He was the first American to live with Neem Karoli Baba and was the catalyst for the many westerners that followed on a journey to the East in the late 60's/early 70's.
: Homepage for an active and inspired group of kirtan folks from Colorado. Check out the website for lots of kirtan goodies-- songlist directories (with chord books for you musicians!), kirtan links, and ongoing kirtan events. Check it out!
BREATHING ROOM: Simply arranged, soft chanting music by Betsy Zajko. Beautiful vocals! Listen to samples, get the CD >>
CLAIR OAKS: Lovely kirtan recordings from this Swarthmore, Pennsylvania based group!
DAVE RUSSELL: Weekly kirtans in Northampton, Massachusetts.
DAVE STRINGER: Dave's home page for his kirtan music. You'll find his kirtan tour schedule here. Click here-- and go listen to his music samples and check out his kirtan CD's. Lots of great links to artists and kirtan venues too! Listen to his kirtan CD's >>
DEVA PREMAL & MITEN : One of the top sellers of new age mantra music, Deva Premal has released several CD's of mantra and chant music-- go hear her sound samples!
DEVI 2000: Chicago-based kirtan group with plenty of band members. Appeared in Time Magazine October 2004 article on kirtan. Performs monthly at Chicago's Moksha Yoga Center and regularly tours the midwest regions. Hear their lovely kirtan CD >>
DIANA ROGERS: Based in Berkeley, CA, Diana has performed and recorded with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das and has led kirtan throughout the U.S. for more than 20 years.
DR. FREEDOM AND LEELA: This duo has sung kirtan, new age and yoga music for the past fifteen years at many yoga centers, sacred programs, and concerts world-wide. Their unique chanting music has close links to Sufi Qawallis, Hindu mantra devotional Bhajans and Sikh Kirtan music. Check out their CD's ( RU and Mystics of the East, etc.)
DURGA DAS (David Newman): Homepage for Philadelphia-based kirtan leader who weaves a blend of eastern chants into western-style fusion music. Check out ongoing kirtan events at his website and listen to his kirtan CD's: Lotus Feet and Into the Bliss.
ELAHN KESHAVA: Visionary founder of Shekinashram in Glastonbury in 2003 in United Kingdom. Lovely kirtans!
GANDHARVA SAULS: New York and New Jersey chanting events, kirtan CD's, and consultations.
GAURA VANI: is dedicated to presenting and proliferating the music and lifestyle of kirtan. Wonderful chants from the grand tradition of Hare Krishna devotees.
GIRISH GAMBHIRA: An eclectic percussionist/performer whose rhythms are featured on numerous world/new age albums. Featured tabla player on Ragani's kirtan CD's. Listen to his debut CD, Reveal >>
HEART CONNECTION COMMUNITY KIRTAN: This group, led by Susan St. Clair, holds ongoing kirtan events in Boulder and Ft. Collins, Colorado. Website includes lyrics, samples of live kirtan, and more... >>
JAI UTTAL: Jai's home page for world fusion, east-meets-west, and kirtan music. Lots of music CD's to sample, a whole page about the process of kirtan, and his concert calendar. Go listen to samples of his CD's >>
KAILASH: Learn about Kailash, including his book (Hay House Publishers), CD's, and ongoing kirtan events. Kailash was initiated and named by Bhagavan Das.
KARNAMRITA: Growing up in the ISKCON community, Karnamrita has sung bhajans and kirtan since childhood. With her training in classical Indian vocals, her songs are beautiful! Listen to her CD "Dasi: Prayers by Women" >>
KIRTAN PATH: Kirtan Path is a Minneapolis-based kirtan group sharing their passion to chant the Name with others. Kirtan Path consists of the following musicians: Pascale (harmonium/ vocals), Nancy (violin), and Mark (doumbek).
KRISHNA DAS: KD's home page for music CD's, tour schedule, and inspiring stories. KD initiated the idea of taking kirtan on TOUR, and bringing it on par with western music. And now kirtan is flowing out of the ashrams and into the world...
KRISHNA DEVI: Devotee of Shri Brahmananda Saraswati (Ananda Ashram), visit her website for live kirtan events and CD's.
LALITA LILY DIAMOND: California-based artist with live event and CD's.
MIKE COHEN: Founded in 2006, this kirtan group hosts ongoing kirtan events for the Columbus, Ohio region. All are welcome to their events.


MOUNTAIN YOGA: Ongoing yoga programs and kirtan events in China. Founders of China's first holistic retreat center, Snow Mountain Retreat Centre (near Lijiang in Yunnan Province).
PANDIT JASRAJ: India's living legend of classical music. No kirtan here, but Ragani joined him for two concerts, so we wanted to include him in our links page. Beautiful!
:Phoenix's non-sectarian kirtan sangha, welcoming all. Co-founded by Shivadam, who leads kirtan throughout the Southwest U.S. and is proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Hindi and Sanskrit. Kirtan samples and events are posted on their website.
RASA: Home page for Rasa (Hans Christian & Kim Waters), with concert tour (many in our midwest area), and information. Located in Wisconsin, Rasa's music is not kirtan, but it is smooth, new age, and flowing, and contains plenty of east Indian mantras.
ROBERT GASS: Heart of Chanting workshops, and other Transformational Coaching, Women's Workshops, and Leadership Training workshops with Judith Ansara, MSW.
RUSSILL PAUL: Official website for Russill Paul and his "Yoga of Sound" productions, with a plethora of workshops, retreats, live events, written materials, and tours to India.
SACIDEVI DASI: Lovely traditional Indian recordings! Sacidevi Dasi is well known for her bhajans and meditational kirtans, and she has an extensive tour schedule. Try her Swagatam Krishna CD.
SANGITA DEVI: Sangita Devi is a kirtan group based out of Asheville, North Carolina. They share devotional music and teach workshops both nationally and locally.
SAT KARTAR KAUR KHALSA: Sat Kartar's music blends Eastern and Western influences and are based upon her life practices of Sikh Kirtan and Naad Yoga (yoga to access the inner Sound). She has performed, taught and facilitated sacred music experiences in India, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Australia, and the US for over 30 years. Go hear her music >>
SATYAA & PARI: Devotees of Osho, this couple leads kirtan chants in Greece and occasionally tour the US. They have several CD's released-- go listen to some of their lovely CD's at CDBaby- Surrender, Garden of Peace, Hari Om, Prayer, and more...
SCOTT MEDINA: Founder of Rocky Mountain Kirtan Summit, Scott co-leads kirtan events in Colorado with his partner, Shanti, and he has produced several kirtan CD's.
SEAN JOHNSON: Homesight for Sean Johnson's kirtan, a New Orleans kirtan artist and yoga instructor who founded Wild Lotus Yoga. Check out Sean's kirtan CD at CDBaby!
SHAKTI CHANT BAND: Based in Minneapolis, these local yoga instructors lead monthly kirtan events at local yoga studios.
SHANTALA: As the duo Shantala, Benjy and Heather Wertheimer lead kirtan worldwide, bringing audiences sacred lyrics, soul-stirring vocals, and exotic instrumentation. Lovely!
KALIDAS: Kirtan artist born in India, offering events in the Southwest. His heartful chant tracks can be heard on his CD, Crest Jewel of Devotion.
SHYAMDAS: Kirtan artist who has written and translated more than 20 books on Bhakti Yoga and the Path of Grace. Shyamdas specializes in classical Dhrupada music and the mystic poets of North India.
SUBWAY BHAKTIS: Based in Byron Bay, Australia, The Subway Bhaktis are Rachel Zinman and Nyck Jeanes and producer and musician Kamal Engels.
SWAHA: Website for the talented kirtan singer, Meenakshi, from Toronto. Beautiful vocals, sweet flowing music... Hear samples from Salutations CD >>
TY BURHOE: An incredible tabla player and percussionist. Student of and tour assistant for the nationally acclaimed Ustad Zakir Hussain. Plays with many internationally known musicians, frequently tours with Krishna Das.
VAIYASAKI DAS: Homepage of Vaiyasaki Das. Beautiful, traditional Vedic-based, raga kirtan with traditional India instrumentation. Our favorite CD's are Kirtan Rasa and Hari-nam-ananda, which we sell at all live Milwaukee kirtan events. A definite must for your kirtan collection! Go hear some of his kirtan CD's: Hari-Nam-Ananda, Kirtan Rasa, and Best of Vaiyasaki, and more... Beautiful!
VAMADEVA JAYA: Devotee of Sri Anandamurtiji, Vamadeva Jaya offers ongoing kirtan events and several kirtan CD's.
WADE IMRE MORISSETTE: Twin brother to Alanis, Wade creates his own blend of indie rock/pop music with Sanskrit and English chants.
WAH MUSIC: Home page for Wah's music. Music samples, CD's for purchase, tour schedule, and a forum for questions and posted messages. Check out some of Wah's mantra/chant CD's: Savasana, Hidden in the Name, CD Krishna, Jai Jai Jai.
WYNNE PARIS: Home page for the kirtan and mantra music of Wynne Paris, who has been on numerous kirtan and world fusion recordings and toured nationally. Hear soundclips of Wynne's CD's at CDBaby >>


KIRTAN GATHERINGS: Kirtan Gatherings is your source for kirtan and kirtan-related events in and around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, both for those people who consider kirtan as their spiritual practice and those who are curious and wish to attend a kirtan gathering for the first time.


BROTHER: I love these guys! Two Australian brothers are at the hub of this crew. Indie musicians creating their own mongrel world music of didgeridoo drones, bagpipes, and other tribal trance grooves, with chord progressions to sway you senseless... Check them out next time they come to your home town (watch for them in Milwaukee at Rainbow Summer, River Rhythms, SummerFest, Miramar, Shank Hall, etc. where they've played in the past). Click here to listen to their music!
TERRY VITTONE: Incredible Milwaukee-based lead guitarist and strings artist-- brought his talents to all our Ragani kirtan CD's. Repertoire of lap steel, dobro, acoustic, electric, mandolin, and lots more! Check out Terry's C >>
MIKE STARLING: Homepage for journalist/musician Mike Starling, with an impressive array of his music, photography, radio shows, and journalism publications. A two-time winner of the Milwaukee Press Club Award, Mike has has traveled extensively and publishes the blog, "The Nomad Cafe", a guide to city food experiences. Mike's original music has been featured on movie soundtracks, radio and TV shows including programs on A&E and the Animal Planet network. Go hear his music! >>
LIL' REV: This full-time, Milwaukee based musician is "gaining national attention as one of the most up-and-coming performers in his genre" (Christopher Clough, Green Bay News Chronicle). Check out his website for CD's and upcoming shows. With storytelling and music (he'll delight you with his talents on the guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and harmonica), this one-man-show is for everyone!
TOM GILL: Tom hand stamps all the kirtan egg shakers you'll find at our live gigs. He does beautiful, careful work--check out his graphic design and printing company! Tom is also the beautiful soul who facilitates Rhythm for Unity and has lots of handmade, beautiful drums and percussion instruments for sale at his website and storefront.
ALLEN DESOMER: A multi-instrumentalist and composer specializing in world, easy listening, and meditation music. Specializing in the guitar, Allen also works with midi compositions and plays sitar. Visit his website to read more about his 35+ years in the music industry >>
MIMI BURNS: Mimi's music mixes the celtic folk traditions with the energy and power of rock and roll, a gorgeous blend of sounds and melodies! Check out Mimi's website and listen to her music!
CELIA: Irish story-teller and songwriter with incredible vocals. I've watched Celia perform a cappella (without any instruments to accompany her) and it's incredible! Go visit her website and check out her calendar for her next performances. Click here to hear samples from her latest CD.
WORLD VIEWS MEDIA: Independent producer and musician, Michael Link is also a multimedia technician, with video footage from India, plus many kirtan event footage from various artists. Check out his latest CD at CDBaby: Beat Elementals (we love the bass/drum grooves in tracks 6,9,&14!).
DAVID JOHANNES: A hand drummer, musician and lover of world music living in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. A middle-eastern style percussionist for kirtan, bellydancing, healing circles, etc.
ONE DRUM: Milwaukee's eclectic multi-cultural ensemble which performs songs, stories & dances rooted in world cultures of Africa, Caribbean, Australia, Middle East, & the Americas. Click here to listen to their CD and get a copy! One Drum utilizes an extensive collection of ancient, modern, and one-of-a-kind instruments and their music celebrates the universal spirit in all. Loads of  percussion & drummers per square inch!
SINGLE OF THE DAY: A creative website blog created by Jody Whitesides, featuring great independent music. He states: "From my ears to yours, it’s music I think you should hear", and he featured our Sri Krishna chant on March 14, 2007 (under Inspirational, World Beat category)-- go hear it! :)


CDBABY: THE site for independent music! They are now the largest seller of independent music on the entire internet-- read more. Over 1,795,000 CD's sold online, with over 103,000 artists in their database. There are LOADS of goodies here (try Album Art link). I cannot speak highly enough for the CDBaby people and their website. So if you love music, you're going to have a great time at CDBaby. Try a search for fun! Check out their new arrivals. Or search by genre and/or style/mood of music. Or search by FLAVOR (very fun!). It's an addictive site--you'll find plenty of very cool CD's here. Check out the week's top sellers. Or go check out albums that are said to sound like Krishna Das (kirtan artist). Or check out all with CD's related to "Kirtan" search. And if you are an indie musician (i.e. you are not signed with a record company), you must check it out--they'll put your CD in galleries and search engines which get over 150,000 hits a day from people who are looking for new independent CD's to buy. And they never give out your personal information. Plus this website contains tons of tips on promoting your CD. They make it easy easy easy to sell your CD--check out our CDBaby pages to see what I mean. They make you feel like you are their only customer.

MUSIC DESIGN: Wholesaler/retailer for new age and world music. Lots of sacred, world, vocal, and instrumental CD's available for purchase. Website tour designed to assist retailers without account set-up and information.
SRI RAM FOUNDATION PUBLISHING : Back in the 1980's, this group released several kirtan CD's which have become classics (many are still only available on cassette). My favorite is their Jai Shiva! cassette, which was the only CD I listened to for nearly an entire year while I was in college. Beautifully done, solid traditional kirtan with lots of heart! Also, check out their new kirtan CD releases...
SONIC SWITCHBLADE: Alternative Music Directory for artists and musicians with listings for artists, agents, managers, and directories of resources.
MAXIMUM INK MAGAZINE: Wisconsin's All-Music Magazine. Features interviews, feature stories, news and CD reviews of both national and local musicians and bands as well as monthly columns and music calendars. 
MYSTICAMUSIC.COM: Listen and download MP3 music at Good quality MP3 music in genres such as Indian classical, instrumental, Sufi, new age, meditation, and devotional, by top artists from India.
WHITE SWAN MUSIC: Wholesaler/retailer for new age and yoga-related music. A music label for Deva Premal & Miten and Prem Joshua. Lots of world music and yoga/mantra/chant music CD's!
DEVAMUSIC.COM: Make your online purchases of yoga and related music here! Lots of sound samples of the top-ranking CD's in categories of yoga, chant, world, healing, mantra & meditation music. Lots of quality musicians and CD's displayed here. Lots of sound samples!
MIMOSA : A great store in Madison (WI) that carries our kirtan CD's plus lots of other terrific CD's and new age gift items. They frequently sponsor events in the Madison area--if you are ever in the area, stop by their store and meet the owners, Beth & Jim. Visit their website too!


KILL RADIO: " Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist" with host, Joni. News and gossip about the LA yoga scene - interviews, music, food, giveaways... it's all good.
: The world's first Sacred Sounds portal. Their site showcases the finest East-meets-West artists who have recorded heart opening music. Fabulous! :)
WRPI RADIO (91.5 FM): From Troy, New York, WRPI's radio programming includes a wide range of alternative and experimental music, cultural and public affairs programs, live local bands, special events and sports simulcasts. Check out Gary Goldberg's "In the Spirit" program, which has featured an entire hour of our music!
RADIO PRAETORIA: Plays music for more contemplative and introspective moods. Great beautiful music for the soul that ranges from celebratory to mournful and "a lot in between". Tune in today!


SWAMI RAMA: (see bio on this website):





PHIL NUERNBERGER, PH.D.: Dr. Phil Nuernberger has always been on the cutting edge with innovative, practical and effective training. For more than 30 years, he has made health and performance an important part of corporate executive development. With 35 years of research and innovative work, Dr. Nuernberger has evolved advanced systems of executive development that capitalize on the crucial link between health and performance. A widely published author, Dr. Nuernberger's most recent books are: Strong and Fearless: The Quest For Personal Power (YES Publications, 2002) and From Loneliness to Love: A Spiritual Journey. (Element Books, 1999)
LINDA JOHNSEN: With a Master's degree in Eastern Studies and Comparative Psychology, Linda Johnsen has published over 200 articles in Yoga + Joyful Living (formerly Yoga International) and other periodicals, and is the award-winning author of eight books, including Kirtan! Chanting as a Spiritual Path, The Living Goddess, and A Thousand Suns, an introduction to the culture and practice of Vedic astrology. Johnsen has lectured throughout the United States on yoga, ancient philosophy, and Eastern spirituality.
SWAMI NITYAMUKTANANDA: Swami Nityamuktananda has worked with several great spiritual Masters, including Zen-Masters, great Siddhas, the Tibetan Lama and Tulku T.Y.S. Gangchen, and the great Yogi Swami Maheshananda, H.H. Swami Anubhavananda (Acharya of Vedanta), and M.M. (Mahamadeleschwara) Swami Veda Bharati. She holds a doctorate on the Mahabhutas (Five Great Elements), she was awarded a "World-Peace Prize" (UN, 1977), she has authored books including Secrets of the Big Five Rediscovered, and she has contributed in congresses on World Peace (UN) and teaches internationally on topics such as complementary medicine, yoga philosophy, and "The Five Elements".

For the past 20 years, Maggie has worked as a reporter, correspondent and/or freelancer for newspaper, magazine, television and radio outlets. A contributing news reporter for The New York Times, Maggie's has published more than 75 articles in publications such as Yoga Magazine, Ode magazine, LA Yoga, The Exchange and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and she is the co-author of Kirtan!: Chanting as a Spiritual Path (a book featuring kirtan artists and the kirtan experience). Read Maggie's blog on the Costa Rica experience at >>
PAVAN ASWANI: The incredible fashion designer for the rich and famous of India. Pavan creates incredible tapestries of attire with a flare for beauty. Visit his website for his history of press, fashion, hair design, and other beautiful creations. Pavan is the fashion designer for Ragani's kirtan attire.
JIM HALTERMAN: Jim Halterman is a freelance writer who spends his days interviewing the top tier of talent and creative forces in the entertainment world and then, because he's that kind of guy, he brings it all to YOU! And, because we all like free stuff, check back on Fridays for the best giveaways!!
GIRLSKIRTMISSION: Milijana (pronounced "miliyana") creates these beautiful and unique original designs featuring handloom cotton wrap-around skirts and unisex wrap-around pants. Designed exclusively and produced in India with traditional South Indian trim. Comfortable wrap-and-go's for after yoga or pilates-- check them out! Blessings of Sai Baba!
NANCY RETZLAFF: Nancy Retzlaff, Reiki Master, is an international healer, teacher, psychic, and spiritual counselor. Check out the services, classes, events, stories, and meditations she offers.
LIA HUBER: Lia has written hundreds of recipes and articles for over a dozen national magazines including Cooking Light, Prevention, and Health, and she has been featured on FOX television as well as websites for CNN, MSNBC and WebMD. Lia also assists food and wine companies find their voices as a branding and messaging consultant. Her Nourish Network is a social media website and conversational hub that promotes sustainable change through tempting recipes and bite-sized bits of rich content on sound nutrition, “eco-clean” eating and being mindful around meals. Sign up for her weekly "nibble to noodle" goodies! :)
DYBERRY WEAVER: Charles Blanchard (Gopala Deva), NY weaver and artisan, crafts hand-woven, unique, one-of-a-kind area rugs. Influenced by his extensive travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia, His rugs are heavy, weft-face twill in a size attractive for home use as wall hangings, prayer rugs or yoga mats. Working with a variety of fibers including linen, many kinds of wool, silk, alpaca and worsted acrylic, Charles's pieces are available for purchase from his extensive inventory or by commission. Visit for more information.
REFLECTIONS OF OURSELVES: Eric Ehrke's blog to lift your spirits, provide wonder and touch your soul. His goal is to share glimpses of the world he found when meditating and listening to nature, to enlightened beings and spirit. Eric has been a psychotherapist for 36 years, meditated for 20 years and trained/taught at the Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing for 12 years as well. Eric also featured our Sanskrit prayer (Akhanda Prayer, from Best of Both Worlds album) on one of his beautiful dolphin videos. >>
LYLE OLSON: Incredible photographer who used to work with us back in our days with Swami Rama. His latest online album is called "Perspectives and practice in the Eastern Traditions", for contemplatives in any tradition: Enjoy extraordinary photos from India, Nepal & Tibet, plus quotations primarily from traditions in Yoga & Buddhism.
JIM HALTERMAN: Jim Halterman is a freelance writer who spends his days interviewing the top tier of talent and creative forces in the entertainment world and then, because he's that kind of guy, he brings it all to YOU! And, because we all like free stuff, check back on Fridays for the best giveaways!!


YOGAMATES: The web's premiere online yoga community; a forum to meet, exchange ideas, share services, buy yoga products, find studios, and enjoy yoga travel and retreat escapes. A worldwide yoga community bulletin board, with the latest in healthy living, conscious careers, yoga and meditation practices, healing and interactive media.
GODSERVER.COM: The web's largest alternative health and spiritual directory. Search for over 80,000 fabulous spiritual and health-related websites. Check out their top 10 sites too--beautiful pictures of spiritual masters. Also an inspirational page of rotating quotes and pictures. Search for "kirtan" and see lots of related sites-- you'll also find Milwaukee's kirtan listed there too! :)
HEALTHANDYOGA.COM: Yoga resource directory for students and teachers alike. Headed by Ravi Tumuluri, this resource offers products, articles, and other yoga information and can help you facilitate your tours to India! :)
HINDUISM.ABOUT.COM: Hinduism Guidesite at, "the starting place to explore the
Hindu cosmos on the net". Read Ragani's Kirtan article online at this Hinduism website- click here. Created by Mr. Subhamoy Das, author of best-selling book on English literature for Indian students.
HEALING.ABOUT.COM: Guidesite at for Holistic Healing resources and information.
Read Ragani's Kirtan article at this guidesite- click here. Created by Phylameana lila Desy, an author and web-publisher who has written the book, The Everything Reiki Book: Channel Your Positive Energy to Reduce Stress, Promote Healing, and Enhance Your Quality of Life (published in 2004).
THE YOGA SHOP: A beautiful growing database for yoga, meditation, yoga-related workshops and website listings. Place your website listing at The Yoga Shop for free and read about or purchase yoga-related materials.
GUIDED MEDITATION: is the destination for all the people who want to experience true relaxation, eliminate stress, and cure diseases through ancient tantra yoga techniques.
YOGA INSIGHT: An independent resource for information on yoga, including yoga retreat information, yoga products, yoga equipment, gifts, and more!
YOGA DIRECTORY: Search this directory for a plethora of categories!
YOGA-AGE: Plenty of great information at this site about yoga. Resource of classic yoga texts, directory of yoga studios and teachers, asana photos and more... 
SPIRITANDSKY.COM: The definitive spiritual directory, with over 100,000 links to choose, including areas of yoga, enlightenment, new age, mysticism, meditation, and reincarnation.
MINDMASTER.COM: Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D., is a pioneer and innovator in bringing self-mastery disciplines to executive training. He has been teaching the integration of mind, body and spirit and has made meditation and spirituality an important part of corporate executive development for over 30 years. As a widely published author, his books have been on top seller lists-- check out his website and his spiritual and yogic books- click here.
ALTERNATIVE NETWORK DIRECTORY: A portal of alternative interests: complementary and alternative therapies and practitioners, herbs, diets, crystals, faiths, beliefs, reviews, forthcoming events, monthly newsletter, and community forum.
BYRON BAY YOGA: Byron Bay Yoga Retreats and Getaways.
YOGA OPZIJNBEST: Dutch directory for yoga links.
MEDITATION BY GURUMAA: Learn the art of meditation and yoga from Indian sage, Anandmurti Gurumaa. Find the right asanas for yourself, and achieve greater well being. Enjoy stress relief and deep relaxation with their Guided Meditation CD's. Visit
YOGA NIDRA TO ENHANCE LEARNING CAPABILITIES, CREATIVITY: Yoga nidra helps in regaining the point of balance and harmony in every sphere of existence. It may also decrease the requirement for analgesic, hypnotic and sedative drugs.
YOGA (A2ZYOGA.COM): Everything about Yoga. Find free yoga poses, yoga asanas, yoga mudras and pranayamas. A practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well-being in their life with yoga. Find the A2Z of Yoga over here.
THE YOGA GUIDE: Yoga for runners, fun with yoga and children, prenatal yoga, how to teach yoga, yoga for weight loss, yoga sutra, and plenty more...
ETHICAL YOGA MAT AND EQUIPMENT SHOP: Simply Yoga is run by a non-profit Yoga Community Interest Company - online since 1999. We promote Yoga mats, ecoYoga mats, Organic and fair trade Yoga clothing and Yoga equipment.
LOVE & MEDITATE; SHARE & CELEBRATE: Come and share your meditation experiences with the universe. Visit for articles on meditation and its benefits, yoga, stress management, Ashtanga yoga, kundalini yoga, guided meditation techniques, laughter meditation, and spirituality.


HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE HOSPITAL TRUST : Founded by the Himalayan yoga master, Sri Swami Rama , this charitable hospital is located in northern India. The HIHT provides modern and traditional medical techniques, research in medicine, and an advanced medical college. Utilizing cost-effective approaches to health care and development, HIHT offers services to an enormous number of people who previously had no access to healthcare facilities. The HIHT  project was Swamiji's lifelong dream, and proceeds from our kirtan CD's will help support this project.
BLUE LOTUS FARM.ORG: A charitable, tax deductible organization, dedicated to provide a safe respite and healing space for those with any special needs. Nestled on acres of secluded and beautiful countryside in Newburg, Wisconsin.
MARGARETANN'S PLACE: MargaretAnn's Place is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving
the distinctive needs of grieving children. They offer peer support/education groups, bereavement literature & newsletter, telephone support and referrals, school workshops and community programs. MargaretAnn's Place is one of over 300 centers for grieving children nationwide - the first of its kind established in the state of Wisconsin. Visit them at:
NEWMAN'S OWN: Our nomination of Newman's Own for a Lovemark (what is a lovemark?) was selected for the Top 10 of over 1500 nominations from over 83 countries (we received a signed complimentary copy of the Lovemarks book, but we did not win the grand prize Toyota Prius-- pooh!). We love Paul Newman-- here's our nomination statement: "This company totally inspires me - I've never known a company to give away ALL of its profits to charity and education in the way that Newman's Own does. Their Newman-O's cookies and sauces symbolize homegrown quality for me - like having the deliciousness of Paul Newman's legendary film work all tucked into something you can eat! And how can I resist, when I know that every delicious bit of cookie is being offered back to charity? An inspiring $150 million plus in funds given away is what the American dream is all about - helping others. And their marketing humor only adds to their appeal - "It Started As A Joke And Got Out Of Control" - who can beat that? Yes, charity gone wild! I just love this company's attitude and service to the world. A down-home model for corporate America." Ragani Buegel, USA


YOGA RETREAT - BALISPIRIT.COM: Providing retreat information - Everything yoga in Bali, Indonesia is here. Balispirit is your connection to holistic Bali. Bali is internationally recognized as a unique center of healing energy, arts & culture. Spectacular spas, tropical resorts, holistic practitioners and artists from around the world make Bali the world's leading destination for yoga & spiritual retreats, artist workshops, yoga vacation, deep healing & serious relaxation. Visit website for information on Bali retreats, workshops, yoga, meditation, and much more!
THE CHRISTINE CENTER ( Nestled on 120 beautiful secluded acres, The Christine Center is dedicated to individual and global spiritual transformation--click here to read more. Known as the "Jewel of Wisconsin", the Christine Center offers guest house retreat quarters, as well as modern and rustic retreat hermitages in the woods--click here to read more. Wholesome meals (organic foods) cooked in-house for all participants--read more here. Great place to treat yourself to a seminar, a meditation retreat, or a weekend of silence. At night it's very, very dark, very, very quiet, and full of nature's sounds... ahhh... an absolute haven for retreat in the boonies of Wisconsin.


KESHAV IMPORTS: Called the "clearinghouse for Indian musical instruments" by The New York Times. This store features quality instruments such as harmoniums, tanpuras, ektar, tablas,  flutes, among others. Keshav Imports' low prices are backed by their pledge that they "will meet or beat the price for any identical instrument advertised by any American shop on the world wide web."
VEDIC RESOURCE & KRISHNA CULTURE: You can find the basic kirtan instruments here- including harmonium, kartals, tabla, sitar, etc. Located in Houston, Texas. >>
CHANDRAKANTHA.COM: Read about a large assortment of traditional and non-traditional Indian Instruments, see photos, and hear their sounds-- a great website for information on east Indian instruments and music. David Courtney, Ph.D., has compiled a grand website of information for your enjoyment and learning. Plus, find his list of recommended CD's (instrumental and otherwise), local teachers and performers, a list of suppliers for Indian instruments, and lots more!
SABIR MUSIC: Learn Tabla & Harmonium with his home-study DVD's. Amjad Sabit is a vocal & instrumental music teacher, and his DVD's are both affordable and suitable or all ages.
Read about Indian Instruments at >


SHURE:  We use a lot of Shure Pro Audio mics (15 of them!) for our live events and even some for
our studio recordings. We love their mics! We use sm57 and sm58 mics for our musicians, and Ragani uses the soon-to-be legendary KSM9 mic for her lead vocals. You won't find better mics (and durable!)-- definitely the industry standard for performance mics.


[now merged with EXTREME MUSIC]: Milwaukee-based production team.
SHRIEK "MUSIC&SOUNDESIGN": Production team from London.

As with all sounds and music downloads, please read the website's license agreements if you plan to use the sounds for film/tv or commercial purposes. We are only providing referrals to some of our favorite sound sources-- company websites will have the most recent licensing information.
BIG FISH AUDIO: Twenty years ago, Big Fish Audio created the first commercially available virtual instrument, the Prosonus brand of orchestral libraries. Since 1986, they have consistently produced the highest quality sample libraries available. Over the years, their sounds have been featured in hundreds of charting songs and top film and television soundtracks. They are the largest distributor of sample libraries in the world, and we create the most up-to-date loop and virtual instruments libraries using our extensive recording facilities and team of producers.
SOUNDSNAP: A fun place for fun sounds and loops- find 100,000 high quality sound effects and loops. You can download 5 free per month, or join and get hundreds of downloads. And they are all royalty-free and clear to use in commercial recordings and productions.
MAKE BEATS: consists of a team of music producers and professional audio engineers who've worked with names such as MTV, Destiny's Child, Cash Money Records, plus many more. All BuyaBeat Non-Exclusive beats are sold as full-length "Radio-Ready" instumental songs. At BuyaBeat, two types of beat products are sold: Non-Exclusive Beats (Royalty Free Music) and Custom Beats.

ORGANIC COMPANIES WE LOVE- Support the World by Supporting Organics!

MY'S KITCHEN: One of our favorite companies for organic foods that are good for us and good for the planet! Some of our favorites are their soups (now also low sodium), tomato sauces, frozen burritos, vegie burgers, and low sodium lasagnas. Try them out!
ORGANIC VALLEY: Our favorite source for organic cheeses and milk. We've tried many other cheeses from other organic companies (many times!), but nothing has compared to the fresh taste and quality of Organic Valley cheeses. So we've stopped trying other brands. We're Organic Valley fans for life!
ORGANICVILLE®: These folks had created exceptional organic products since 2004, including organic salad dressings, ketchup, and barbecue sauce-- with over a million and a half bottles of dressings sold! Their tasty products are USDA certified organic, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and contain no added sugar. Buy them at Whole Foods, Pick 'n' Save, Sendik's, Outpost,, and plenty of locations throughout the US, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia. Yum! :)
NANCY'S YOGURT: While we don't consume much yogurt in general, when we do, we like good quality, full-bodied, organic yogurts. Nancy's has been the top choice on our list for years-- it's got such a great smooth quality and taste. Yum!
SEEDS OF CHANGE: We use their salad dressings, and we love them! There are few companies (even the "organic" ones) that do not use Canola Oil (better known as rapeseed oil-- and all the hype about it being "good" for you-- read more or google "canola oil hazardous [or hazard]" and don't use MSG (also hidden in "natural" foods under permitted names such as soy protein isolate, natural flavorings, etc. (see hidden names and sources of MSG >>). Thanks you, Seeds of Change, for maintaining healthy standards for your salad dressings!


DESPAIR.COM: Definitely at the TOP of my favorite websites. Brilliantly executed, professional humor with a follow-through that is unmatched! Check out some of my favorites in the classic collection: Procrastination, Defeat, and Mediocrity. If this guy paid referral fees for his sales, I'd be a millionaire by now! :-(


KANYAKUMARI AYURVEDA EDUCATION & RETREAT CENTER: A loving, healing community offering services that include a Certified School to teach Ayurveda and Yoga, full-service Ayurvedic clinic (consultations, nutritional counseling, meditation, energy therapies), Panchakarma (detox and cleansing) programs, herbal apothecary and many continuing education workshops. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
REFLECTIONS IN HEALTH: Holistic therapies offered for a wide range of conditions, including aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, energy balancing, somato-emotional release, raindrop therapies, Quantum Biofeedback, lymphatic massage, o Kami no Odori, among others. Labyrinth also on site!
SOLCARE: Also offers a plethora of alternative medical treatments and therapies, including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, CranioSacral, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, massage, nutritional therapies, among others. Wide range of movement classes, including tai chi, Nia Technique, kickboxing, meditation, and a variety of yoga classes.
ENHANCING BALANCE: Enhancing Balance is a multi-service wellness organization, dedicated to educating and training individuals to take responsibility for their own health in new ways, with a focus upon T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Qi Gong, Acupuncture and Chinese herbal nutrition. Pat & Michael Culotti offer wonderful group and private classes as well as ongoing workshops and retreats. Check out their website at :)
ORLANU THERAPIES: A unique physical, occupational and massage therapy practice specializing in working with infants, children and adults having chronic physical challenges. Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Breathwork, and Therapeutic Exercise are provided by Michele Rozansky, PT, and Holly Haebig, OTR, inviting patients to fully participate in their rehabilitation. Therapy sessions are private, one on one, customized, and respectful of the individual’s needs and goals. Located in Mequon, WI.
ACUTONE.COM: A new and unique form of Oriental healing that utilizes the science of vibrational frequencies. Based upon solid research of the Chinese classics and extensive experience, this form of healing uses pure sound to harmonize and invigorate the meridians (energy pathways in the body). Very cool, sound medicine!  Check out their new book!
AUGUSTAYURVEDA.COM: Online access to traditional Ayurvedic-related services, including Panchakarma programs, herbs, books, etc. You can even submit your Ayurveda-related questions and comments to their team of experts!
HEARTSPACE: A lovely studio with acupuncture for the body, mind & spirit plus the mindful movement of the Nia Technique. This beautiful center is located right beside the river in Thiensville-- it's got its own little grassy river edge (and we recorded some of our chorus tracks for the second CD at this lovely site!) You'll love the quiet sacred location of HeartSpace-- treat yourself to an acupuncture session or visit the ongoing Nia classes and special events in their larger studio hall! Visit website at:
REIKI LEARNING CENTER: Site dedicated to the healing tradition of Reiki, with classes and information on symbols, meditation, and energy healing practices.
OJA INTERNATIONAL TEMPLE: Founded in 1983, and based in Nigeria, this temple has a clinical unit where people afflicted with various diseases are diagnoses, advised and treated using alternative medicine for diseases that have failed with conventional approaches. They implement music, water, incense and color therapies. Visit website at:
DAHN YOGA: Dahn Yoga recognizes that convention western medicine often cannot provide satisfactory relief from many modern physical, mental/emotional and spiritual conditions. Ilchi Lee is a pioneering Brain Philosopher and Educator. He has developed brain training programs that are widely used in many organizations around the world. In his homeland, South Korea, his programs have been adopted as mind and body training methods in the Ministry of Education, Samsung Corporation, and the Korean Army.
JOYCE HAWKS, PH.D.: Amazing energy worker-- one of the few we've known who have truly mastered some of the distance healing and hands-on practices. A biophysicist and Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Hawks has published 36 peer-reviewed scientific papers. She offers trainings, workshops and classes around the world, and author of the best-selling book, Cell-Level Healing, with five foreign editions.


SWAMI RAMA ASHRAM (Sadhana Mandir): Located in Rishikesh, India, and founded in 1966, Sadhana Mandir Trust was established by Swami Rama as an international retreat center for sincere aspirants to practice meditation in a spiritually elevating environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Sadhana Mandir is located on the banks of the holy river Ganges. Surrounded by beautiful flowering gardens, mango trees and a lotus pond, a quiet and serene atmosphere permeates the ashram making it ideal for sadhana.
SWAMI RAMA SADHAKA GRAMA: Located in Rishikesh, India, Sadhaka Grama was founded in 2002 as a part of The Dhyana Mandiram Trust, a non-profit organization. Swami Veda Bharati has been teaching and providing spiritual guidance for over 50 years, and he is the Spiritual Preceptor and Director of Sadhaka Grama.
AMERICAN MEDITATION INSTITUTE: Founded by Leonard and Jenness Perlmutter, AMI is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization devoted to the teachings and practices of meditation and its allied disciplines. Their teachings include the best of Eastern wisdom and the practicality of modern Western science. AMI offers weekend meditation retreats, weekly meditation instruction, gentle yoga classes, and courses on Ayurveda, Bhagavad Gita, chakra system, and advaita vedanta. Visit AMI's video channel on YouTube >>
THE MEDITATION CENTER: The Meditation Center of Minneapolis offers a complete system of Yoga training for a more joyful, effective, successful life. Its teachers offer a depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the 5,000-year-old unbroken spiritual tradition of Raja Yoga. The Meditation Center serves as a resource of the Himalayan Tradition, which was established in the West by Swami Rama of the Himalayas.
: International yoga center founded by Swami Rama. Great site for yoga training, resources, books, tapes, videos, and related information. Located in the beautiful Pocono mountains (Pennsylvania).
HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE- GERMANY: Swami Rama center run by Wolfgang Bischoff.
HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE- GREAT BRITAIN: Swami Rama center in Great Britain, established by the late President Peter Glover.
HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE- ITALY: Swami Rama center run by Viktor Bischoff.
INNER PEACE YOGA CENTER: Inner Peace Yoga Center Inc. is a non-profit educational organization, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School, dedicated to teaching relaxation, stress reduction, and self-unfoldment through practices of Hatha yoga, meditation, and Yoga Science. Carol and Charles Crenshaw have thousands of hours of teaching experience, and thousands of hours of training, study and practice since the 1970's, and hold Master's degree's in Eastern Studies and Comparative Psychology.
THE YOGA SOCIETY: Milwaukee's own yoga center established in 1971 by Swami Rama himself. Directed by Nina Johnson.
MIND RESOURCE TECHNOLOGIES/STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE SKILLS: An organization of highly skilled professionals led by Dr. Phil Nuernberger dedicated to providing sophisticated self-management skills training. Dr. Phil Nuernberger, a 30-year pioneer in bringing self-management tools to executive training, is recognized as one of the most innovative leaders in the field of stress and performance management, with more than 30 years experience in executive development and education.
INSTITUTE OF HIMALAYAN TRADITION: Founded by Swami Rama, run by Swami Jaidev and Ma Devi.
NAMASTE YOGA CENTER: Founded in 1991, Namaste Yoga Center provides a supportive community for beginners and long-time practitioners in Springfield, IL. Namaste offers individual and group teachings in hatha Yoga, meditation, the timeless teachings of Yoga, including Yoga Nidra, satsang, retreats, trainings and workshops.
NAMASTE YOGA INSTITUTE: Minneapolis yoga center established by Yogiraj Achala (Charles T. Bates) and co-founded by Swami Rama in 1973.
LIFE WAVES YOGA: Yoga classes with Anna Rychner, a nurse with extensive training and experience in yoga and meditation practices. Teaching Milwaukee-based yoga and meditation classes, Anna has also developed the yoga/wellness program for S.C. Johnson in Racine and she has been published in Yoga International and Nursing Matters on therapeutic yoga and women's health topics. Visit her website for ongoing classes in therapeutic yoga.
PRANAYAMA YOGA STUDIO: Ongoing yoga classes in Rockford, Illinois. Students at the Pranayama Yoga Studio enjoy a classical and timeless yoga experience that is combined selectively with some of today’s more contemporary yoga approaches. Visit their downtown loft studio for a taste of mindful relaxation, physical challenge, and energy renewal!
BAY AREA YOGA CENTER: Green Bay, WI- Beautiful center with cork floors and plenty of yoga props. Ongoing classes in yoga and related coursework within a lovely community of yogis!
FEEL YOUR BEST STUDIO: Founded by Debra Mundt, RYT, Feel Your Best Yoga is a hybrid of various yoga disciplines. FYB offers a variety of classes to suit your needs and ongoing yoga and pilates teacher training programs. Contact FYB for more information or visit FYB website.
RIVERWEST YOGASHALA: High quality yoga instruction with personalized classes. Based upon the teachings of BKS Iyengar, classes at Riverwest Yogashala are taught by experienced teachers with ongoing yoga training. Named "Best Yoga Instruction" by Shepherd Express' "Best of Milwaukee 2003". Riverwest Yogashala also offers Kripalu Danskinetics Classes with instructor Mazzie (Larlis) Moldenhauer, FBA, CTP, KDT. DansKinetics is a form of movement that combines yoga and dance in an easy, creative, delightful way. Check them out! :)
SACRAMENTO YOGA CLASSES: Classical hatha yoga, ashtanga and power yoga classes in Sacramento, CA. The site features pictures of many yoga poses from various ashtanga series,
a yoga teacher directory and links to other yoga resources.
WELL WITHIN CENTER FOR YOGA AND HEALTH: This beautiful healing place in Madison is a comprehensive center that offers both an integrative medicine clinic and a movement and workshop studio. With services such as acupuncture, yoga therapy, nutrition, Ayurveda, energy work, lymphatic and allergy treatments, the Well Within Center also offers ongoing and special events for kirtan. An oasis of healing and peacefulness, this center is beautifully designed, and its bamboo floors will fill you with great peacefulness and healing!
YOGA AWAKENINGS: Yoga classes with Lisa Lewis, RYT, CYT, in Milwaukee's suburbs. Sign up for a yoga class and learn to manage your stress, boost your energy, improve your strength, flexibility and sense of balance. Contact Lisa for more information or visit the website.
YOGA SPACE: Milwaukee-based yoga studio with unisex and co-ed ongoing yoga classes. Very cozy location in Milwaukee's historic Third Ward location.
YOGASYLUM: 3,000 square foot, cork-floor Healing Facility focusing on classes in Yoga and Pilates, including classes in Power Yoga, Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, among others.
YOGAONE STUDIO: This large and beautiful studio offers powerful, dynamic yoga classes and promotes a non-competitive, open-minded approach to the many paths of yoga. With beautiful cork floors and skylights, and located in historic downtown Cedarburg (Wisconsin), YogaOne Studio invites you to a warm, encouraging atmosphere for all levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. Both beginners and advanced students will be at home in the YogaOne Studio!
YOGA.NET.AU: Rod Hutchings offers both corporate  and private yoga lessons throughout Melbourne, Victoria, including the Richmond Rowing Club and at their Yoga Studio in Upwey, Victoria.
BIKRAM YOGA CENTERS: Yoga tips, types of yoga, yoga benefits, yoga equipment, yoga poses, yoga classes and yoga centers on
YOGA CENTER OF EAU CLAIRE: This yoga center offers yoga classes throughout the week, as well as private lessons and yoga therapy sessions. Special interest workshops and seminars have included topics in restorative yoga, Ayurveda, among others. Instructors from the Yoga Center of Eau Claire are available for special classes in your facility, as well as for retreats, programs, and speaking engagements.
COMMUNITY YOGA CENTER: Located in Cornelius, NC, formed in December 2004 with a vision to create a place where people from all backgrounds will gather and celebrate as a community. All are welcome at this center, and they are invited to come for the "stretch" and leave with much more. Classes are open to students of all levels.
SOURCE YOGA: Established by Erin and Melissa, and located in Tacoma, Washington, Source Yoga emphasizes a flowing, nurturing style of the physical practice of yoga, building a balance of strength and mobility, as well as meditation and the opportunity to reflect and study one’s own self.


HIMALAYAN YOGA TRADITION - TEACHERS TRAINING PROGRAM: A comprehensive education in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition will be presented to the students by the highly acclaimed AHYMSIN international faculty of senior traveling teachers. Offered with three levels of curriculum, topics include meditation, raja yoga, yoga sutras, philosophy, hatha yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra, psychology, holistic health, among other topics. Students will learn to deepen their sadhana and to integrate the teachings into daily life.
UNIVERSITY OF METAPHYSICAL SCIENCES: Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, D.D., Ph.D., and degrees in Metaphysics-- a California university with low tuition (some payment plans as low as $50/month!), free newsletters, and an online store. Options of Internet downloads or postal mail delivery of courses too. (non-profit 501(c)3 status)


YOGA CHICAGO: Chicago's leading bi-monthly resource guide for all yoga activities in the Chicago area. This publication is THE place to get word out to the mega yoga community of Chicago. Editor Sharon Steffensen and her crew do a fabulous job with this publication!
CONSCIOUS CHOICE: A Conscious Enlightenment publication, which strives to globally support, fund, and or create various companies that offer information, products and services for like-minded people in a world community. This beautiful magazine is available in Chicago and Seattle areas. Read their review of Ragani's CD, Ancient Spirit (2006) >>
WHOLE LIFE TIMES: Another Conscious Enlightenment publication (see above description). This one is available in Los Angeles area. Lovely publication! Read their review of Ragani's CD, Ancient Spirit (2006) >>
COMMON GROUND: The 3rd of the Conscious Enlightenment publications (see above description). This one is available in San Francisco area. Super publication! Read their review of Ragani's CD, Ancient Spirit (2006) >>
ODYSSEY MAGAZINE: Teamed with Namasté magazine in 2004 and based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, Odyssey magazine is a sophisticated publication covering a wide range of subjects focused on personal development and self-empowerment while promoting alternative therapies and products, practical spirituality and holistic living. (And there's plenty to savor too-- the issue we just received was over 130 pages of great articles!) Odyssey seeks to be a voice for the internal source of wisdom and compassion that exists in each of us, to depict human beauty not merely by waistlines, youth or pop culture, but by inner peace and the wisdom of the beauty within. Covering topics of mind, body, and spirit, Odyssey embraces a broad spectrum of topics from meditation, travel, health, and inspiration-- and they featured a full-page color review of our Ancient Spirit CD in their Feb/Mar 2007 issue! An incredible publication-- check them out!
LIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS: Journal of Spiritual Awakening-- Published since 1988, Light of Consciousness is dedicated to spiritual seekers interested in awakening consciousness, meditation, yoga, sacred ecology, healing, personal and global transformation and the timeless wisdom of the world’s religious traditions. Each artistically distinctive issue features a Satsang (spiritual teaching) by Swami Amar Jyoti, cutting edge articles on sciences and consciousness, photo/art essays, spiritual cinema, reviews and more.
LA YOGA: Southern California's free bimonthly yoga magazine, with loads of great articles and interviews on yoga, meditation and related practices. Even a few articles in Spanish!
AUGUST AYURVEDA.COM: Access online information on Ayurveda system of medicine, and receive promotional support for Ayurvedic practices. Plenty of resources and consultants to help you get connected to the holistic world of Ayurveda.
MILWAUKEE YOGA MAGAZINE: The greater Milwaukee free quarterly magazine, featuring articles on yoga, healing, kirtan, and more. With ongoing calendar listings, the Milwaukee Yoga Magazine centers upon introducing and expanding the yoga community offerings in the southeastern Wisconsin area.
YOGA + JOYFUL LIVING : A bi-monthly magazine published by the Himalayan Institute with features environmental, social, and leadership issues, with a focus on politicians, celebrities, and activists who are involved in karma yoga changes in the world. Formerly known as Yoga International.
YOGA JOURNAL: With the largest circulation of any yoga magazine, Yoga Journal has a more New Age flavor to its articles on yoga, mind/body interests, holistic living, trends, and people.
STARLIGHT JOURNAL: Starlight Journal is a metaphysical newsletter with articles, poetry and art on spiritual topics, sponsored by The University of Metaphysical Sciences, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to making metaphysical concepts available to everyone.
VIHA CONNECTION MAGAZINE: Beautiful in-house publication of Osho's teachings, disciples, and articles about the path of yoga and meditation. Published every other month.
CHA MAGAZINE: Cape Healing Arts, a premier conscious lifestyle magazine for Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Find Yoga, Massage, Kirtan, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Acupuncture, Reiki, Bodywork, Dance, Theatre and much more! Producers of the Cape & Island’s Wellness Expo.


SWAMI RAMA FOUNDATION TRUST: This Trust aims to provide shelter to those abandoned children who need to be looked after, offering them love, sympathy, teaching, schooling, upbringing, and the motherly and the fatherly touch that an orphan misses out on. They aim to admit up to 500 parentless, abandoned and neglected children irrespective of their cast, creed, or religious background.


RANCHO LA PUERTA: The modern-day fitness and exquisite spa vacation experience began in 1940 when Edmond and Deborah Szekely founded the world’s first destination spa, Rancho La Puerta. Soon the Ranch became the paradigm of all vacations that encompass health and wellness for mind, body and spirit. An amazing array of fitness activities, luxury spa amenities, superb accommodations, and entertainment awaits you. Our 3,000-acre property offers world-class landscaped gardens, an organic farm, and mountainsides or meadows of great hiking and walking experiences.


EGYPT'S INTERNATIONAL YOGA FESTIVAL: Egypt's First International Yoga Festival-- this festival will include seminars and practical yoga workshops.


GODADDY.COM: These guys do a fabulous job with domain names and website hosting stuff (they host the International Kirtan Foundation's website, also known as They are on call 24/7, and they've always been friendly to work with and able to answer any of my questions (and I've got plenty of them as a non-computer person!). Great deals on domain name purchases and website hosting plans-- their mission is "to deliver products for up to 70% less than what their competition charges and to provide first class service in the process". GoDaddy rocks!
HOSTBABY.COM: CDBaby's wonderful hosting service, tailed to musicians (they host our website,, and they are great for musicians' unique needs (streaming media, calendars, guestbooks, etc.). You can easily build your own music website with them too (if you don't want to design your own)! If you need good hosting (whether you have your own website or not), this is a great place to go-- gobs of hosting space for each account and great customer service too! :)


THESITEWIZARD.COM: Lots of free tips, tutorials and articles on every aspect
of your website. This site was a little over my head initially, but I've learned to make good use of these folks. They lay everything out for your, and if you can use dreamweaver, or the likes, you'll find to be a fabulous website of resources. It's a one-stop guide to loads of free programs for your website. (And if you'd like to see what we've done with one of their free programs-- go check out our feedback page. You can get one just like it here at their website, and it's advertisement-free, and customizable to your website design
). Great site!
WEB BLOGS: Easy peasy set up for your own web blog-- user friendly website allows you to create your own blog and publish it online.
TELL-A-FRIEND SCRIPT: Another great free to use, cut-and-paste, easy-to-use script for helping folks share your website with their friends. Nothing fancy. It's used on the homepage of this website.
SITE SEARCH: Use their easy script to enable visitors to search your website for keywords and phrases. As long as your site information is indexed by Google (meaning it can be found via Google), you'll be able to use this script. See this search feature on our homepage.
CHANGEDETECTION.COM: Got a website? Add this to any page of your website, and your visitors can select to be notified when that page changes. Cool feature for journals and pages frequently updated. You can find this feature on our Kirtan Currents page. And the best part is that you can easily add Change Detection to your website for free!


VISTAPRINT.COM: You can get 250 FREE full-color business cards at this website. No kidding.
And why not use them to advertise your band or CD? These crazy people have given away literally thousands of their free business cards (and you only pay shipping), and they brag about it too! (I guess their motive is to get you to buy more when you run out.) The entire website is a thriving business and has lots of business-related goodies for sale. Check out their business card designs--several to choose from. It's really true! I had to add it here, because I've ordered my free business cards and loved them (and yeah, I did order more when I ran out too-- guess all that free stuff works!).
ONLINEPRINTHOUSE.COM: THESE GUYS ARE FABULOUS!! GREAT prices too (they have the best prices we've found anywhere, with a speedy turn-around time). And once you decide you really want to make lots of your own full-color glossy business cards, you'll definitely want to check out ONLINEPRINTHOUSE.COM. They will print 2500 glossy full-color (on BOTH sides!) business cards for only $65 (plus a few bucks for shipping all those cards to you). If you give them away to as many people as I do, this is the place to go. It's definitely the BEST deal I've found anywhere for all printing needs, and they have an incredible quick turn-around! (And no, I don't get any referral money for sending you there... too bad for me!) You won't find classy, double-sided print jobs with thick cardstock paper (like a postcard) for this price anywhere else (and if you do, drop me a note)!


COSMIC BUTTERFLY DESIGN: Home site for Tia Richardson, with lots of beautiful fine art, CD booklet/brochure design, murals, hand-painted apparel, dolls, website design and more. Tia is the layout design artist for our Ancient Spirit brochure. Her work is so beautiful!
SASHA KINENS: Featured in galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Milwaukee, Ms. Kinens has received numerous public and private portrait commissions, including several high-profile commissions. Her work is incredible, as she captures realistic figures in unrealistic or mystical settings. You can see her portfolio at her website, and you can email her to be notified for her next gallery event!
SACRED ARTS STUDIO: Through the Glass Brightly: multi-cultural sacred art & reflections on the mystical path.


VEGAN WORLD FUSION CUISINE: This Vegan cookbook offers a peaceful and loving approach to food preparation that unites cooking traditions from around the world. The Blossoming Lotus Restaurant on Kapaa, Kauai (HI), home to the vegan world fusion cuisine, offers a gourmet vegan and live food cuisine. Mmmm! :)


CAN STOCK PHOTO: Can Stock Photo carries over 2.6 million of images all together with 10,500 of them being yoga-related (more than 3,000 Buddhist images). Photographers (and they have over 12,000 of them!) can post their images and advertise their own page, build a clientele list. Can Stock Photo also offers free weekly downloads from all images and clip art it carries. All images are royalty-free and can be used for personal or commercial use. A great resource with freebies as well as affordable images! Check them out (and we think it's cool that they're in Waukesha, WI too): >>
FOTOSEARCH.COM: A Wisconsin based stock photography website-- search through more than 2.5 million images from 140 quality stock photography publishers at one site (including over 10,000 yoga images). They can also find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, stock video clips, and more. 


KIRTAN ROCKSTM OFFICIAL STORE: The Official Kirtan Rocks!TM storefront. Discover stellar and official Kirtan Rocks!TM merchandise, including t-shirts, postage stamps, mugs, baby clothes, doggie shirt, stickers, sweatshirts, apron, tote bags, and more... Satisfy yourself with these unique gift items designed specifically for the world of die-hard yoga chanters... Kirtan Rocks!TM >>

. TAXIís Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.

INDIE BIBLE: THE resource publication for independent musicians. I spent hundreds of hours trying to collect some of this data, and then I discovered that someone had already done it for me! The Indie Bible has listings of contact information for thousands of publications that will review your CD, thousands of radio stations that will play your music, articles and lots of information about promotion and marketing your music. CLICK ON LINK TO GET A COPY! :)

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