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Bhakti Fest Midwest - Jun 20-22, 2014

Ragani will be headlining this year's festival again! Their kirtan set will be on Friday, June 20, 7:30pm. Featured festival artists will include Krishna Das, Guru Ganesha Band, David Newman (Durga Das), Sean Johnson, and others... Festival to feature ongoing kirtan, yoga, workshops, and more! Experience the Bhav!$50 OFF with promo code: ragani14

Kirtan Fest Milwaukee - May 23-25, 2014
A powerful, love-packed weekend of kirtan. community, yoga. and great vegetarian food located at the beautiful nature oasis, Blue Lotus Farm and Retreat Center. The event will include kirtan and workshops from both local and international artists (Durga Das, Kaita, Ragani, Ryan Hader, Fred Bliffert, Dennis Hawk, Love Light & Harmony, Sitara & Kalyani with Pavan Kuman, and Maa Shakti Das), as well as an open-mic, fire ceremony, labyrinth walks, and yoga classes from Milwaukee's own master yoga instructors, Tammy Limbach and Ryan Hader. Not to be missed! Festival sold out in 2013, so get your tickets early! See more at: www.kirtanfestmilwaukee.com
Friday Night Yoga Club - launched March 21, 2014
Friday Night Yoga Club launched it's SOLD OUT debut event at Core Essence Yoga in Milwaukee this Friday! Featuring yoga with Ryan Hader and Shayne Broadwell and live music with Ragani, Kaita, and Fred Bliffert. Milwaukee brought it tonight, folks-- it was an incredible event!
"Peace Prayer" Single Release - August 21, 2013

Ragani's single "Peace Prayer" ("Seeing All the World as Divine") was finally released! Featuring Milwaukee's own rapper, Mr. Logek, this single release hit #19 on the iTunes World Music charts.

Our first music video is being produced for this song, and it will feature many local Milwaukee artists, talents, and products, including Bryce Richards (head videographer and editor), Rhema Love's Euphoria Hip Hop Studio (dancers & choreography), David Vartanian (mix & electric guitar), Brad Hicks (video storyboards & mix consultant), PonyBug hats, Chris Spheeris (mix consultant). We can't wait to release this video!

Bhakti Fest Midwest - July 5-7, 2013

Ragani will be headlining this year's festival with
a kirtan set on Friday, July 5th 7:30-9:30pm! Festival artists will include Jai Uttal, David Newman (Durga Das), Wah, Dave Stringer, Sean Johnson, and others... Festival to feature ongoing kirtan, yoga, workshops, and more! Experience the Bhav!

Kirtan Fest Milwaukee - May 24-26, 2013
Back by popular demand! A weekend of kirtan (featuring Durga Das, Kaita, Ragani, Ryan Hader, Fred Bliffert, Dennis Hawk, and Taz Rashid "DJ Taz"), community, yoga (with Meg Galarza, Ryan Hader), and great vegetarian food located at the beautiful nature oasis, Blue Lotus Farm and Retreat Center. The event will include kirtan and workshops from both local and international artists, as well as an open-mic, fire ceremony, labyrinth walks, and yoga classes... For more information and to register, visit: www.kirtanfestmilwaukee.com (Early Bird Registration by March 1st and SAVE!!)
Milwaukee's M Magazine - "Moved by the Spirit" - July 10, 2012
M Magazine featured article on Kirtan with Ragani! "The new buzz words for Wisconsin just might be beer, cheese and kirtan. If you're unsure about kirtan, check in with the 300 to 400 people — police officers, rabbis, cafeteria workers, business executives, barbers, even a Lutheran minister — who spend the first Friday evening of the month chanting with Ragani..." Read full article >>
Worldwide Virtual Kirtan Recording! - Spring 2012


BE A PART OF A WORLDWIDE KIRTAN RECORDING! We are inviting the world to sing with us on our next kirtan recording, and that means YOU!! :) We've posted instructions and recorded a guided video for you to sing along with, and we have a created a Worldwide Virtual Kirtan Facebook page for you to post all your questions too.

Join us in this new g'normous worldwide recording project and help us all Turn The World To Love®! All are welcome. You know we love you. And now we want you to be in our next kirtan recording release!

Deadline for submissions:
June 30, 2012

Ragani's Single Release - "Vishnu 360" - April 2012

NEW SINGLE RELEASE!! The second in Ragani's mantra beat series, “Vishnu 360”, is now released! The song contains the powerful Vishnu Gayatri, used for sustaining and preserving the universe. When imbalance occurs on earth, Vishnu is said to descend as an incarnation. It is believed that ten well-known incarnations of Vishnu will occur, nine of which have already taken place. The tenth is yet to come.

Om Namo Narayanaya!
.. ....

Milwaukee Area Kirtan Festival - July 2012

THE FIRST EVER Milwaukee-area kirtan festival!
July 20-22, 2012. Newburg, Wisconsin. 
Join Milwaukee-area kirtan artists (featuring Kaita, Marty Tribble, Ryan Hader, John Arms, and Ragani) for a weekend of kirtan, yoga, nature, and community. Event will take place at the beautiful nonprofit Blue Lotus Farm & Retreat Center in Newburg. Weekend will feature a kirtan open mic, yoga classes with local teachers such as Meg Galarza, fire ceremony (yajna), meditation, labyrinth walks, and loads of kirtan! Price for the entire weekend: $125 ($175 if you wish to tent on the grounds). Register before April 30th and SAVE $25!

 Call 414-412-2473 or visit www.kaitabliffert.com. For more information, visit Milwaukee Area Kirtan Festival on Facebook.

Bhakti Fest Midwest - June 2012

June 29 - July 1, 2012
. Madison, Wisconsin. 
It's here! Get your Early Bird tickets now! Midwest, Bhakti Fest will offer a full weekend of kirtan, yoga, and workshops. Artist line-up includes Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Donna De Lory, Ragani, David Newman, Sean Johnson, Dave Stringer, Girish, and many more. Let's share our renowned Midwestern love & hospitality with all the folks at Bhakti Fest Midwest!

Get your Midwest Bhakti Fest tickets now >>

Kirtan with Ragani on Milwaukee's TMJ4 Morning Blend- Feb 2012

Guest appearance by Ragani live on The Morning Blend show - TMJ4 [Milwaukee's NBC affiliate]. Interviews with co-hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle. We think Ragani deserves a little applause for behaving herself while live on air.

Watch it now >>

Charlotte Airport Video - Kirtan with Ragani Band Layover - Dec 2011

Kirtan with Ragani bandmates Dave Blessum, Dale Buegel, and Ragani make good use of their time in the Charlotte airport on their way home from a kirtan program at the Sivananda Ashram on Paradise Island, Bahamas.

We'd almost like to think this video might make you want to travel with us. Bandmates Michael Kashou & Tim Maher were on separate flights, probably because they prefer not to travel with us.

See more of our videos on YouTube [Ragani108 Channel]. >>

Mackie ProFX12 Mixer Donated to IKF for Kirtan with Ragani - Dec 2011

We just received a beautiful brand spankin'
NEW Mackie ProFX12 mixing board &
carrying bag from a sweet & very generous anonymous donor! WOW!!! Thank you!! The donor gifted this mixer to the International Kirtan Foundation for Kirtan with Ragani on behalf of Stan, "for his kindness & wisdom". And Kirtan with Ragani does love Stan! Thank you, kind donor, for fulfilling this wish of ours!

In honor of our donor, we have lovingly named our new ProFX12 mixer "Stan". :-)

Live Kirtan with Ragani on YouTube  - Sometime in 2011
<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/6_l-Gu7mzRw56a1ae07de8b234015ab29eaab8dcfce.htm">LinkedTube</a>  
Ragani's music is now on Pandora Radio! July 2011

Our Ancient Spirit CD (Kirtan Cafe, Vol II) is now on Pandora Radio! Pandora is a personalized internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music you'll love mixed in with music you already know. Pandora is powered by the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken, the Music Genome Project: a crazy project started over ten years ago to capture the complex musical DNA of songs using a large team of highly-trained musicians. Pandora is always free, with the option to pay for additional features.

We LOVE Shure gear!! July 2011

We are so grateful to all our good friends at Shure who just gifted us with these INCREDIBLE new Professional Reference Headphones-- WOW!! And just when I was contemplating a much-needed studio upgrade, the sweeties at Shure passed these beauties into my lap. Thank you, Shure!!

And how cool-- they come in a sweet hard zippered carrying case, with detachable cables (Nice! I've had to finagle my old ones around too many times...), great headband padding and velvety ear pads (ah...). And most of all the INCREDIBLE studio sound!! WOW!! I can't believe they can get that kind of sound from headphones-- they sound like my studio monitors!! So this is great news, as I do a LOT of mixing with headphones in our studio... YAY!!!

If you didn't already know we're big fans, we are. WE LOVE SHURE!!!

Juil Shoes coming to Kirtan with Ragani - June 2011
Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting the founder of Juil, the Mequon-based shoe company with a vision. The idea for Juil sandals was born when the founder met Juliu Horvath, a professional dancer who created The Gyrotonic Expansion System. Juliu understands the importance of keeping the body's natural energies flowing.

For nearly ten years the founder worked with Juliu to develop and pefect the Energy Flow Technology™ that makes wearing our sandals the most practical - and elegant - way to remain grounded.

"Conventional shoes block the flow of energy between our bodies and the earth. Juil sandals allow the energy to transfer as freely as if you were barefoot." - Juliu Horvath

And we'll be sharing the Juil shoes with you at our September 10th Anniversary kirtan event!!

Kirtan on TV! FOX 6 NEWS features Milwaukee's Kirtan with Ragani - May 2011

NOTE: Link is now archived on FOX 6. You can find the full TV feature on our website page:
FOX 6 Features Kirtan with Ragani


And... HERE IT IS! FOX 6 News features Kirtan with Ragani! It aired on the 10pm news (with Milwaukee's favorite Anchorman, Ted Perry), on the final night of tv ratings, right after the American Idol finale!! Whoop!!!

We'll post an extended clip here
eventually, so you can hear the comments of Vince, the weatherman, who has been to our kirtan several times and has our CD's!

Well, we certainly are grateful, and we love you all at FOX 6. You have open, standing invitations to visit my home for chai and cookies. Anytime. :)

Milwaukee's certainly been in the eye of the nation for a lot of news this year: Packers & Superbowl, Americal Idol auditions (and our very own Naima Adedapo), and now KIRTAN!

For all you kirtan lovers, we're doing a new chant for Milwaukee:
Beer, cheese, Packers, and KIRTAN!! :)

FOX 6 NEWS features Milwaukee's Kirtan with Ragani - May 2011

We are thrilled to have Ted Perry bring you the story on the Milwaukee kirtan scene. As the News Anchor for FOX 6, Ted's been repeatedly voted as Milwaukee's favorite male news personality, and he has many fans from his spots on 96.5 WKLH radio as well, where he had appeared during his free time. Follow @TheTeditorial on Twitter >>

We love Ted's down-to-earth, witty, and approachable style. We love that he can't stand having to do "Ted's Take" (though we do love TT). It's no wonder he's one of Milwaukee's favorites. For those of you who don't know Ted, or if you think Milwaukee's FOX 6 station is conservative, think again...

We are now going to honor Milwaukee with our special chant: BEER, CHEESE, PACKERS, KIRTAN. Share this news with all your friends and watch Ragani smile.

Ragani's Kirtan CD's donated to US Military base - May-June 2011

We are happy to have sent a plump box of our kirtan CD's off to the US Military base this month. We received a delightful note from one of our fans currently deployed in the military, where he enjoys listening to our music. So we sent him a box of CD's to share with his fellow troups. May there be peace and harmony in our hearts and all around the world for once and forever!
Sutra - Kirtan Documentary Movie - Trailer - April 2011

Sutra [72 min, 2011]
An ancient sound.
A student and her teacher.
The mystical thread binding this life and beyond.


Visit www.SutraMovie.com >>

Overflowing love and gratitude to all who have made this movie into a reality. May the greatest masters continue to guide you on your journey in life.

Must Watch Video - Love, meditation, you choose... April 2011

A beautiful message that brought us to tears... Watch it... Practice it...

Pass it on...

["2012 - A Message of Hope"]

NEW "Kirtoons" Series Released! April 2011

Ragani just released her new Kirtoon series on youtube for the greater kirtan community. Based on the live kirtan events in Milwaukee, Kirtoons are... er... "educational" videos on the kirtan experience.

See ALL the KIRTOONS on YouTube>>

Kirtoon on Facebook >>

We know Ragani should be doing something better with her time. (And she does claim to be in the studio producing more kirtan and mantra tracks at this time...)

"Love Holds Everything" hits charts at iTunes & CDBaby! Jan 2011
In its first week of release, "Love Holds Everything hit #24 in US iTunes World Music Charts and #26 on the Greece iTunes World Music Charts. Woo hoo!

This song also held #1 in Top Selling World Songs and #1 Top Selling Vocal Songs on CDBaby, the largest online distributor of independent music. Another big woo hoo! Thank you, loves! :)
NEW Mantra beat single release "Love Holds Everything" - Jan 2011

The first of Ragani’s mantra beat collection, Love Holds Everything is released as a New Year tribute to the Buddha.

feature the Buddha's words to his monks-- as he was preparing to leave the body, he instructed them to live: "bahu jana sukhaya, bahu jana hitaya", for the bliss of the many, for the welfare of the many. [courtesy of Stoma Parker] Download it now from iTunes or CDBaby. Love!

Remembering Rabbi Gelberman - Sept 2010

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman, pioneer of the interfaith movement, left his body on September 9th, Rosh Hashanah, a High Holiday for the Jewish faith. He was 98 years of age. A rabbi and a yogi, Rabbi Gelberman was an embodiment of the Unity in Diversity principle, and he was a dear friend to many. He used to present at the International Congresses hosted by Swami Rama. Rabbi Gelberman dedicated his life to building bridges between religions and promoting love and harmony among people of different faiths. He was an embodiment of joy and humor who woke up each morning declaring with joy, "I'm alive!"
[Courtesy, Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas]

Click here if you would like to read more about Rabbi Gelberman, or to leave a tribute or share a memory.

Rabbi Joseph Gelberman
(Courtesy of Sivananda Ashram Bahamas)

Kirtan with Ragani opens for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Milwaukee - April 2010

SOLD OUT AT 1500! Kirtan with Ragani will open for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's, "World Peace Through Inner Peace, An Evening of Wisdom & Meditation". Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a renowned spiritual leader and multi-faceted humanitarian whose mission of uniting the world into a violence-free family has inspired a global phenomenon of compassion and service. Sri Sri's teachings of love, practical wisdom, meditation and service promote harmony among people, and encourage individuals to lead a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

Event to be held at the MIDWEST AIRLINES CENTER April 23, 2010. For more information: http://events.artofliving.org

Studio 51 Music - August 2009

Ragani was signed to the renowned Studio 51 and Studio 51 Music, founded by music producer David Trotter.

Through Studio 51, composers including Ragani will provide background music for Harpo Productions as well as other television programs nationwide.

Ragani's interview in The Spiritual Significance of Music - April 2009

There's a newly released book that Ragani contributed to entitled, The Spiritual Significance of Music, edited by Justin St Vincent. In the book, Justin interviews authors and musicians on their perspectives of spirituality and music. Read Ragani's interview. Other contributors include Ravi Shankar, Robert Gass, Linda Johnsen, Don Campbell, Dan Kimpel, Prem Joshua, Karsh Kale, Dr. Masaru Emoto, among others. For more information about this publication, please visit www.musicandspirituality.com.

Kirtan with Ragani participates in A Complaint Free World - April 2009

Ragani invites the kirtan community to join her in the practice, "A Complaint Free World", dedicated to help people affect positive changes in their lives, to positively transform the consciousness of the world. The idea: no complaining for 21 days in a row! The goal: to help 60 million people (1% of the world's population) become Complaint Free.

This practice reflects one of the ancient yogic practices of ahimsa or "non-violence" in mind, action, and speech. Kirtan with Ragani will be giving away the purple bracelets at their live Milwaukee event on May 1, 2009.

Join us and watch the positive changes in our personal lives and in the world around us. Change your mind, change your life!

Kirtan with Ragani and the International Kirtan Foundation are not affiliated with A Complaint Free World, a non-profit, non-religious entity that provides purple bracelets and other materials to help people affect positive change in their lives.


Featured in Recording Magazine - February 2009

Unbelievable, really, to see a full-color, 2-page
spread of our kirtan recording interview featured
in the prestigious Recording Magazine, Feb 2009
issue. But there it is! Recording Magazine is one of
our favorite magazines for gear and equipment
reviews, as well as a truckload of super recording
tools, tips, and techniques. In fact, we used a few
of their techniques for recording our last album,
Ancient Spirit. Get your copy, or read the article
. Thank you, Recording Magazine! We love
you guys!

New Kirtan Podcast - January 2009

A new kirtan podcast, "New World Kirtan", has been created by Voiceover Artist Kitzie Stern, and our music is being featured! You'll hear a variety of incredible chants by a host of kirtan artists, with downloadable chant lyrics to boot. Dive in and experience Kitzie's blissful collection of "Calming Chants for a Crazy World". >>

New Kirtan with Ragani Fan Map! - December 2008

We know that there are kirtan fans who live all around the world, and now we’ll be able to see you on our map! And who knows, if there are enough of you in Hong Kong, we’ll just have to schedule ourselves a Hong Kong tour! Go and post your location! >>
Yogamates.com interviews Ragani - August 2008

Check out the latest interview with Ragani on Yogamates.com. Yogamates.com is the Web's premiere online yoga community, a forum for yogis to meet, exchange ideas, share services, buy yoga products, and find studios or yoga travel/retreat escapes. There's plenty to enjoy at yogamates.com!
Ragani featured in new release book, The Yoga of Kirtan - June 2008
NEW RELEASE! The Yoga of Kirtan: Conversations on the Sacred Art of Chanting by Steven Rosen. A 504-page comprehensive look at kirtan. Features intimate conversations with Ragani and 20 leading kirtan masters of the day, essays on kirtan as yogic science, plus an audio CD of over 70 minutes of kirtan (including a previously unreleased live track by Krishna Das). For more information, please visit: www.yogaofkirtan.com

Ordering information:
$29.95 plus $5.00 S/H per copy. Check payable to "FOLK Books" and sent to: FOLK Books, P.O. Box 108, Nyack, NY 10960 USA. Order online at: www.yogaofkirtan.com
Featured Artist on TAXI - June 2008

Ragani was selected as THE Featured Artist by the TAXI organization in June 2008.
Not too shabby, considering TAXI's team is made up of more than 200 heavyweights in the music industry. Thank you, TAXI!
Durga Durga chant selected for "TAXI Favorites" - May 2008

Our Durga Durga chant (from our award-winning Ancient Spirit CD) was selected for the "TAXI Favorites"! TAXI is the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company. In fact, TAXI invented independent A&R more than a decade ago. TAXI's A&R team is made up of more than 200 heavyweight music industry veterans who are highly skilled in the art of picking hits. They've been Vice Presidents and Directors of A&R at major labels, music publishers, Grammy-winning songwriters and producers, Hollywood music supervisors, and program directors from top radio stations. They have worked at companies like A&M, Arista, ASCAP, BMI, Capitol, Columbia, EMI Music Publishing, Famous Music, MCA, RCA, Warner Bros., Windham Hill, Word, Virgin, and many, many more. Thank you, TAXI. You made our day!

All three CD's On Top Selling List at CDBaby - Jan 2008
Our two Kirtan Cafe CD's (Ancient Spirit and Best
of Both Worlds
) and our single release CD (Om Mani Padme Om) are repeated top sellers at CDBaby.com in the World Chant and Spiritual Mantras categories. And who said kirtan can't go mainstream??
Kirtan Book features Ragani, Krishna Das, Deva Premal - June 2007

This new release book (YES Publishers) is entitled "Kirtan! Chanting as a Spiritual Path", and it is now available on Amazon.com and at the live Kirtan with Ragani events. Co-authored by Linda Johnsen and Maggie Jacobus, this new release book discusses the experience of kirtan and features in-depth interviews with kirtan leaders, including Ragani, Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Bhagavan Das, Snatam Kaur, Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer, and Wah. Read about the growing kirtan scene that is sweeping the nation and the world!
Ancient Spirit CD named in all-time "Editor's Picks" at CDBaby.com

Our Ancient Spirit CD was named in the all-time "Editor's Picks" list at the renowned CDBaby site! Right up there with Chris Spheeris and others. Check out the other world chants on CDBaby's Editor's Picks list >>
South Africa's Odyssey Magazine features glowing review- Feb/Mar 2007
Our latest CD, Ancient Spirit, received a full-page
review in South Africa's sophisticated Body, Mind, and Soul magazine, Odyssey. Wow! The magazine is glossy and full-color, chuck-full of over 130 pages of articles and interviews on spirituality, meditation, health, and all kinds of inspirational articles. We knew they were going to review our CD (they have a CD review section), but we nearly fell off our chair when we saw the beautiful review that they gave us. We certainly weren't expecting a full page of glamorous color coverage-- plus a glowing review! Thank you, Odyssey!
"Rama Rama" is Top Pick at Sacred Sounds Radio - March 2007

Our chant "Rama Rama" (from Best of Both Worlds CD) was featured as Top Pick at the Sacred Sounds Radio station. Just wait until they get our new Ancient Spirit in their play rotation!
Ancient Spirit CD on Spirit Voyage's Best Seller list - March 2007

Our recent release, Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Cafe Vol. ii), is on the Best Seller list at Spirit Voyage Music for all music sales. Check out the sacred music CD's at this online storefront-- a great selection of sacred chants, Native American, yoga, and dance music >>

Ancient Spirit CD named by Backroads Music as "Best of Year" 2006

Our latest CD, Ancient Spirit, has been named "Best of Year" 2006 by Backroads Music!

Backroads is the source for more than 4000 titles in genres including vocals & chants, world music, chill-out/electronica, yoga & healing arts, ambient, and contemporary instrumental. Suppliers include virtually all of the 200 or so independent domestic labels releasing these genres of music, all the key major U.S. labels, and artists and distributors from Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and The Netherlands, among other far off locales.

The Heartbeats Backroads catalog has been the single most comprehensive and defining source of information about these music genres to the industry and to individual consumers.

International Music Awards - Runner Up for Best Production- December 2006

Ragani's music has been awarded "Runner-Up" in the Best Production category of the International Music Awards 2006, sponsored by the Music Aid Organization in association with the United Nations UNV program, IMA Productions, Broadjam.com and other leading international music industry partners. Winners were selected from thousands of artists in over 20 countries.

New Shure Microphone! - December 2006

We are sooo grateful to our friends at Shure Inc., who just sent us their newest microphone—the premium KSM9 mic—for our live events. Check it out (for all you vocalists): it’s a high-end, dual-pattern condenser microphone, with a lovely, sleek design. It will make you feel and sound like royalty! Really, we never thought we'd replace our long-time favorite Shure Beta 87 mic, but this one has it beat, hands down. I can't imagine finding any other microphone that even comes close to this one. The competition has their work cut out for them now! A HUGE thank you to all our friends at Shure!! We love all their microphones (and use 15 of them for our live events)! For all you musicians-- check out the great mics and audio equipment from our friends at Shure: www.shure.com. We highly recommend them!

Ragani's Ancient Spirit CD - Top Pick CD by White Swan Distributors

Ragani's newest release, Ancient Spirit, was selected as a "Top Pick" and featured on the cover of White Swan's distribution catalog. White Swan Music is a wholesale music distributor with a catalog of 1500 titles featuring artists from around the world. Check out their artists and listen to soundclips at their website. >>
Ragani named as "100 Milwaukeeans you need to know" - Sept 2006

Ragani named in OnMilwaukee.com's prestigious list, "100 Milwaukeeans you need to know". Right up there with Norman Adami (President and CEO, Miller Brewing Company), Pedro Colon (State Representative), Josh Kaiser, Aaron Kapp and Ben Harrison (founders of Rishi Tea), Herb Kohl (Bucks owner and U.S. Senator), among others!
Commemorative CD Release - Turn The World To Love - November 2006

track 1: Akhanda Prayer 3:15 [BOBW]
track 2: Hare Krishna Govinda 14:07 [AS]
track 3: Durga Durga 17:42 [AS]
track 4: Sita Ram 13:10 [BOBW]
track 5: Rama Rama 15:30 [BOBW]
track 6: Prayer of Harmony 3:54 [AS]

Turn the World to Love, a newly licensed CD commemorating the 10th anniversary of the mahasamadhi of our beloved Sri Swami Rama was released this November in India, at the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT), Swamiji's charitable hospital project. This CD is available exclusively in India at HIHT, and it contains selected sacred chants from our first two full CD releases, Best of Both Worlds and Ancient Spirit. It was released as a tribute to the life and teachings of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, and 100% of proceeds from CD sales will go to the HIHT charitable hospital project.

And don't worry, if you live outside India and are wondering if we secretly released new chants not available elsewhere, we have not. You can get all these tracks (and more!) at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon-- visit out CD's page for more info >>

Sacred Retreat Tour to India - fall 2006
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the mahasamadhi of Sri Swami Rama, and we will be hosting a special Sacred Retreat Tour to northern India for this sacred occasion. We will be staying in Swamiji's ashram on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, a sacred city of sages located in the foothills of the Himalayas... (more)
Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Cafe, Vol. ii) - NEW RELEASE CD! - August 2006

Finally! We're releasing our second CD for the Kirtan Cafe series, and it's entitled "Ancient Spirit". Packed with well over an hour of heartfelt Sanskrit kirtan chants, this CD delivers! Featuring Girish Gambhira and Tim Maher on percussion, this CD was sponsored in part by MargaretAnn's Place.

Hear soundclip >
Go hear more soundclips, get CD >

Official Kirtan Rocks!TM store opens at CafePress.com - July 2006

Discover stellar and official Kirtan Rocks!TM merchandise at our new Kirtan Rocks!TM store. Find T-shirts, mugs, baby clothes... Something for you, your kids, and even your dog.

Unique gift items designed specifically for the world of die-hard yoga chanters... Kirtan Rocks!TM

Because Kirtan DOES Rock!

MargaretAnn's Place sponsors upcoming Kirtan CD - April 2006

Our upcoming kirtan CD, Ancient Spirit (Kirtan Cafe, Vol. II) sponsored in part by MargaretAnn's Place, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the distinctive needs of grieving children. Our heartfelt gratitude to Deb Smith Jones and all the people at MargaretAnn's Place for their loving support of our kirtan CD.
Thank you!

Om Mani Padme Om - Single Release - Feb 2006

We're finally releasing this little chant, Om Mani Padme Om, as a Single Release. At 3:54 in length, it promised to be one of our shortest chant songs ever, and it's packed with the usual tastiness of Ragani's vocals, a full chorus, and some fabulous world musicians. Might even say it sounds a little like surfin' music... Or at least something to keep the Buddha dancing...

Ode Magazine Kirtan article - October 2005

"Good Vibrations", a kirtan article by Maggie Kuhn Jacobus, appears in Ode Magazine (and on the cover!) of the October 2005 issue. Subtitled, "A musical form of meditation known as kirtan offers fun on the road to enlightenment--even for people who swore they would never meditate."
Go read it >>

Top of the New Age Charts at NumberOneMusic.com- June-October 2005

For several months and continuing, Ragani's chants from Best of Both Worlds: Kirtan Cafe Vol. I have been in the top 5 listings of the New Age music charts at NumberOneMusic.com repeatedly holding the first and second places with Ganapati, Rama Rama, and Sita Ram.
Music Licensed in France

Our music is now licensed to IndexMultimedia, a international company based in France that specializing in customized downloads
of mobile phone content including ringtones, images, games, voice-mail messages, video content, ring back tones, video ringtones and messaging, information and other services. IndexMultimedia was chosen by the GIP Rugby World Cup 2007 to develop and host its interactive voice services...

Favorite at Weedtracks.com
Better Than Free sm
Ragani's kirtan music posted as a favorite and featured CD on the Weed Tracks musicians' website! Go see it >>
And Ragani's band listed as a new favorite on the artist site of weedtracks.com-- Go read it!
Kirtan with Ragani in On Tour With Shure magazine - Summer 2005

Our Milwaukee Kirtan with Ragani scene was featured on page 5, in the "Mic Check" section of the On Tour With Shure magazine, right there next to Jeff Bridges and Chris Isaak. Yeah! Notably, we do indeed love Shure, and we use some 15 Shure microphones (SM57's, SM58's and ShureBeta 87) for all of our First Friday Milwaukee kirtan events. Thank you, Shure! >>

MKE magazine feature - March 2005

Nicole Sweeney writes a witty article, "An Alternative Meditation for the Attention-Span Challenged", a review of Ragani's live kirtan event held at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. Photo by Jim Bovin
Read article>>

Shure donates lanyards for Kirtan with Ragani staff badges - Feb 2005

The well-known, well-reputed Shure microphone and audio electronics company donated their professional lanyards for the new staff badges at our Kirtan with Ragani events. Shure is endorsed by lots of famous artists-- click here to see artist list--or see full alphabetized artist list. We are sooooo grateful to Davida and all our Shure friends for supporting our Kirtan with Ragani events. A huge thank you!!! Check out their On Tour With Shure Magazine too... (click here), and take a look at their their new and beautiful headquarters in Illinois-- click here!
Radio interview on WMSE for World Music Program - Jan 2005

Ragani was interviewed on WMSE 91.7 World Music program with Tom Crawford (read Shepherd article on Tom Crawford. Check out their internet radio at WMSE website. The interview covered the latest and hottest news about the nation's grassroots kirtan movement and Milwaukee's ongoing Kirtan with Ragani events!

Top seller at NetMusic.com - Jan 2005

Ragani's Best of Both Worlds: Kirtan Cafe Vol. I CD ranked at the top of the list for this month of January at NetMusic.com. Check out their website, where you can download Ragani's CD for less than $5! We don't recommend a price that cheap ever!
International Kirtan Foundation- Fundraiser launch - Jan 2005

Special SOLD OUT Fundraising Launches the International Kirtan Foundation! On January 28th, we packed into a beautiful lakefront home and filled the ethers with sacred vibrations of kirtan. What a blessed night of good company, fun, celebration! We'll forever remember this night under the full moon with kirtan, royal nibbles, Stella's divine cooking and catering from Roots Restaurant and Cellar, Don's entrancing didgeridoo, and an entire evening of warm camaraderie. A HUGE hug to EVERYONE for helping us raise over $4500 to grow kirtan in Milwaukee and throughout the nation. So many exciting things are happening for the world of kirtan! (And if you missed this event and still want to be a founding donor, click here!)

U.K.'s Yoga Magazine - Dec 2004

Maggie Kuhn Jacobus writes a beautiful article, "The Joy of Kirtan", featuring Ragani and a handful of the leading kirtan wallas, for UK's Yoga Magazine.

Article on Just Plain Folks Awards "The Grassroots Grammys" appears in
Singer Magazine - winter 2004

A "Real World Real Music Awards Show" article on the Just Plain Folks award show appears in the Fifty Anniversary edition of Singer Magazine (aka Singer & Musician magazine). "It's been called the "Grassroots Grammys," but it's really about the revolution that is going on in the awards program that recognizes the "other 98%" of the music made around the world. Great photos and coverage! Go read article >>

Winner of Just Plain Folks Award - Nov 2004

Ragani's CD, Best of Both Worlds: Kirtan Cafe Vol. 1, awarded 4th place in international Just Plain Folks award! We're absolutely thrilled that our debut kirtan CD received 4th place in the 2004 Just Plain Folks Awards for Best Asian Ethnic Album. The JPF Music Award is the largest Music Awards in the world, and they received over 140,000 song entries and over 10,000 albums!
Top Seller at DevaMusic.com - Aug 2004 - Present

Ragani's kirtan CD, Best of Both Worlds: Kirtan Cafe Vol. 1, hits top seller list in August 2004 at DevaMusic.com, and it remains there!
Check out all the great CD's sold at DevaMusic.com-- many of the great mantra and chant artists are featured on this website. Lots of great CD soundclips from their entire collection of chant and mantra CD's.
Top seller at U.K. YogaMatters.com - Aug 2004

Ragani's CD, Best of Both Worlds: Kirtan Cafe Vol. I hit top seller list at U.K. onling store, YogaMatters.com.
Check out their online store for chants, world music and other goodies.
Kirtan article in LA Yoga magazine - Jul 2004

Maggie Jacobus' new article "Getting the Kirtan Buzz" on the kirtan scene of Los Angeles in LAYoga Magazine. Read article>>

Front page Metro in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - May 2004

Click for full size

Milwaukee's Kirtan with Ragani appeared in full on the front page of the Metro section of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The article, "Woman Fulfills Her Foretold Destiny with Group that Gathers to Chant", was written by Marie Rohde and
was complete with three color photos by MJS award-winning photographer, Dale Guldan. Read article>>

You couldn't buy better local support. Thank you, MJS! We love you, Milwaukee!

FOX 6 and NBC affiliates TV features kirtan - January 2004

Kirtan with Ragani has been featured on Milwaukee's FOX and NBC affiliate television stations. Interviews with Ragani and live kirtan clips were on the news, and t
he ever-burgeoning kirtan scene of Milwaukee continues to reach out to the community.

We love you, Milwaukee!
OnMilwaukee.com feature article - Jan 2004
Molly Snyder Edler writes "Ragani's Voice Inspires Local Kirtan Craze" a lovely and detailed account of Ragani's kirtan background and of the origins of kirtan in Milwaukee. Read article>>
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Oct 2002
Jan Uebelherr writes "Learning
to Sway to the Music" for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, featuring the story of Kirtan with Ragani in Milwaukee.
Read article>>

Rave for World Peace - Summer 2003

Ragani joins One Drum to offer a kirtan chant for Milwaukee's Rave for World Peace.

Photo courtesy www.Rave4WorldPeace.com.
Shakin' Eggs arrive - June 2003

We think this is big news. Our beautiful new egg shakers have arrived, all hand-stamped with "Kirtan Rocks!" by Tom Gil, who facilitates Rhythm for Unity.

"The Art of Chanting" - February 2003

Read Kirtan Article by Maggie Jacobus. For those of you who missed the Outpost Exchange Wellness Publication, you can read Maggie's beautiful article by clicking here: "The Art Of Chanting".


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