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"Ragani you are a force to be reckoned with! I’m so grateful for all you have done in the name of kirtan and for the beautiful community that has sprung from your intention to start kirtan in the midwest and beyond. I so appreciate both the purity & humility of your vision as well as your wicked sense of humor and down-to-earth-ness!" - Rebecca

"The best Kirtan singer in America today... the voice of Ragani transcends the physical world of sound..." - Lance

"I bought a CD of Ragani (Best of Both Worlds) in a charity shop. I had never heard of her. I brought it home and played it and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how good I felt. Thank you Ragani for this wonderful music." - Martin

"I honestly think that I listen to your voice at least once a day... It's so beautiful how those songs helped me remembering my inner love... Every single detail in the music pushes me inside. Plus your voice. No joke, it really does something inside. So thank you. We never met but you've done so much to me already. Would love to hear you live one day." -Auré

"Holy cow, I came expecting to just enjoy a night of some good music, but I left with a profound feeling of gratitude in my spirit, for the laughter (love your irreverent humor!) and the tears that came as I floated in the vibes of your beautiful voice and kirtan. I'm already wanting more!" - James 

"You all filled us so full of love last night." - Jess

"It's amazing that I was listening to Indian bhajan channel on Pandora while driving and I heard Shri Krishna chant. I checked later and found it was you. My favorite is playing now - this is the song due to which i got to know you. Full of bhakti..." - Raj

"My life is now defined as pre-Ragani and post-Ragani... Thank you so much for being who you are, and for reminding me of who I am." - Mary Jo

"Divine Ragani- I simply cannot believe its You! So deeply love your music- you are my favourite. I listen to you all the time!" - Nandhi

"I love the love and humor and sacred energy that you deliver in all that you are doing!" - Carol

"[We] came to see you on the first Friday in September of 2009. For me, this was mostly just a trip to Milwaukee in my home state of Wisconsin. I was still not that much into the kirtan scene, but something happened to me at your kirtan. Of course, the music and musicians were great. But, I want to tell you that even though I didn't know what "the bhav" was at the time, that Friday in September, nearly seven years ago, is when the bhav first became palpable for me. True story!" -Doug

"Thank you for the constant presence you are in this Bhakti/Kirtan is really a highlight for me..and others too....a life changer!" - Joy

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