Ragani's Worldwide Virtual Kirtan







This project was inspired by dreams of transforming the world through chanting the sacred mantras of love. The project of recording a chant with people from around the world felt both majestic and insurmountable at the same time, and the project idea sat on my shelf for many moons.

And then in early July 2011, I received an e-mail from our dear Susan Apthorp, with a link to the brilliant Eric Whitacre's Classical choral project. It was an answer to a dream! The task ahead was formidable, but now there was a regal (and handsome!) trail-blazer who was leading the way. I immediately contacted Eric, and his associate, Tony, kindly replied to me with many helpful and informative details to help me get started with this project. I am so grateful to them!

Though this project, we pay our sincere and warm respects to Eric Whitacre for his incredible work and inspirations, and for trail-blazing the way in the world of virtual choirs! We have wanted to include so many of you in our kirtan recordings, but up until now it was not possible. With this present recording project, we look forward to finally hearing your voices!

We dedicate this recording project to all of those bright ones who came before us, to the great tradition of masters through which flows eternal love and knowledge.

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